Sarah Palin's Missing Skin

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  1. I agree completely. I’ve been waiting for the book to go on sale here in Asia, as I find her charming (even when I disagree with her, which is often). I never, ever wish to see her in any political office.

  2. Oops — sorry, didn’t realize this comment had come in. (email forward is broken and they won’t respond to me…)
    Post-read, my opinion of her has changed very little. Most of the book is precisely what I expected. She’s a dynamo. She’s bright. She’s ambitious. She lives an extraordinarily busy and productive life.
    She strikes me as an excellent mom as well, and much of her post-election reaction stems from that.
    She’s also petty and vindictive. There are entire sections of the book that name names, all the way back to city council days — people who made her mad or she didn’t like.
    All in all, an interesting person who’d be fun to know, as long as you don’t get on her bad side.

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