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  1. Well, I don’t think the fact that Landrieu could pick up a nice slice of the black vote should surprise anyone, or that Nagin (who’s lost his base in the white and monied community) would 1) rely mostly on black voters and 2) come up short. Except for people who just Don’t LIke The Landrieus (and there are some), I don’t see where Landrieu looses (unless he’s reading this and taking my advice and goes on vacation the next month). The way our open primaries work is a bit off, but simply put, if Candidate No. 1 doesn’t make 50%+1, he or she loses and Candidate No. 2 picks up most of the third tier vote.
    I think you’d have to catch Landrieu in bed with a live boy or a dead girl, uh, oh, wait, that one’s been used already. Ok. He’d have to screw up Really Badly to lose this one. However, I never underestimate the ability of politicians to do the wrong thing.
    I’m surprised the national media doesn’t get this. They figured it out in ’86, when a Breaux victory in September would herald a switch in the Senate. As a result, I got to meet most of the then-grand-poo-bahs of the national political media when they passed through the state to 1) cover the story, 2) eat, 3) drink, 4) eat, etc.
    Either that or they new that there was an election on in Louisiana on a funny date, so they were all free to travel here to 1) cover the story, 2) eat, 3), well, you get the idea.
    BTW, contgrats on getting your Technorati status back with the bullet! (even if that means knocking me off my high perch at second tier of the top 20. You do such a good (and more frequent) job that you deserve to be right up there in the top 10.

  2. I was thinking about it, and y’all had like, what, 20 [people on the ballot? So all those people no longer in the running, who people voted for, obviously thought someone was better than Nagin, and since their candidate isn’t in the running any more, doesnt it stand to reason they’d all (hopefully) vote for Landrieu? Maybe that’s a bit optimistic of me, but it seems like the logical choice to me.
    As far as the whole Bin Laden thing goes, I was thinking he looked a little on the lonely side myself. Perhaps we can get him an airline ticket to NYC, I’m sure there are some firemen up there who’d be more than happy to keep him company.
    Anyway, delightful as usual!

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