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  1. That was a good read lady. *warm smile* I like The Times-Picayune as I wrote sports for them and the Advertiser in Lafayette back in the day.
    You provided a great service to the people “back home.”

  2. WOW! Hurray for you! As you know I’ve been re-posting the emails I sent out from Algiers on the Katrina Refrigerator site. You have been mentioned more than once. I’ll have to post the link to this article on both blogs. Two people with whom we hooked up thanks to your blog back then, have become our dearest friends. He, interestingly, just sent me the entire email from our first correspondence, hooked up through you. We couldn’t have done any of what we did subsequently without you, (even though I thought I was gonna have to fax you a waiver of non-responsibility when we decided to go back in!)
    As always, you are linked on both sites, and this article will be posted on both later today or tomorrow. You will always have a special place in our hearts, and the tears in our eyes when we found you then, still spring through the ducts upon writing this.
    Don’t know if we ever thanked you adequately.
    Now, put the kleenex away and get back to “bellyaching over bin Laden” for chrissake!

  3. Reading that story brought back all the memories even more than at the anniversary. While many of them are sad, finding you was an inspiration and a life-line. I posted a quick story on my blog after I read the TP article this evening.
    Thanks for everything you did!!

  4. Slate and Mermaid — I don’t possess enough skill with words to express the feelings I have from those weeks, but I came across something I wrote way back that is as close as I ever got to saying it right.
    Thank You.
    Hard to believe it was only a year ago sometimes…
    At any rate — you’re welcome. I’d do it again tomorrow (gods forfend it’s ever necessary!)

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