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  1. I think part of the problem (as you alluded to in an earlier post) is that some politicians (incl. Sen Obama) seem to feel they can still go for creating/funding lots o’ new social/domestic programs given the current financial climate. This is to me the “dangerous” component of Sen. Obama’s candidacy, and the possibility of an across-the-board Democratic victory in November (especially if the Senate goes Democratic by a greater than 2/3rds majority, which limits the ability of the opposition to act as a brake on irresponsible spending (though, given their recent track record, I am not sure that the GOP doesn’t need some new brake pads/shoes, or even a complete overhaul in that regard.)

  2. I noticed that McCain’s suggestion for the mortgate rescue/bank bailout resualts in a bigger goverment, too. He wants to buy all the loans, create a goverment agency to manage them, and then hopes someone will buy them back in the next 30 years. (My own idea made the banks do all the work, since they already have the trained manpower and resources, and were are motivated to keep things cheap)
    I guess we will pay for all those goverment employees by lowering taxes, right? Or will we hire companies to do it… who will likely outsource it to India.
    Oh, and Bush’s $600 checks? I’ve friends who work for the IRS and spent months doing nothing but telling people when their checks would come. Due to the manpower tied up doing that, the IRS had lots of overtime.
    So which is worse: Living on credit or paying for it now?

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