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  1. Maybe Houstonian means, by “like this”, “so rational and logical.” I can only conclude that Houstonian’s remark is admiring and that Houstonian seeks to emulate your characteristics, and is looking for guidance on how to accomplish this.

  2. Abelard,
    I confess that wasn’t my first thought – but I like it! I’ll have to play around with some ideas for a blog entry that might assist poor Houstonian in the quest for enlightenment.

  3. First and foremost the Guardian Angels is a volunteer organization so we are not on the streets 24 hours a day. When we are most people are already in bed. Unfortunately we also do not have the manpower to patrol the entire city so we have to concentrate our efforts in neighborhoods where we have membership. I can send a patrol to your neighborhood but if I do not have quality people from your area who I can leave there to patrol regularly then the criminals will come back as soon as we leave. As for your comment about fundraising you could not be more wrong. More than 90% of what little money we have raised has come from our volunteers (donations are NOT a requirement for membership). My suggestion to you and anyone else who reads this board is to take a couple of hours one weekend and come and see what we are about. You seem to have a strong opinion about us but never once have you attempted to contact me even though my information is easily found on-line. Since you do seem so passionate about what we do I personally invite you to attend one of our patrols or even one of our training sessions and see for yourself what we are about. You may even decide to join, if only to patrol your own neighborhood.
    Scott Ward
    Alliance of Guardian Angels
    Chapter Leader-Houston

  4. Mr. Ward —
    Your comment is very confusing. This post has nothing to do with fundraising, or the make-up of your organization, or where you patrol…. I’d be happy to respond to you, if I could see a connection between what I wrote and your input.

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