Talking to Iran

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  1. Talking is important, yes, and we should engage — but we should also keep other options on the table. My understanding from the press is that Iran is only months away from developing nuclear weapons. Could direct talks be Iran’s way of stalling us until they’ve got Israel safely within their nuclear crosshairs?

  2. Hi Forester,
    Well sure, it could be an Iranian stall. However, the only source I’ve seen for the “only months away from nuclear weapons” time projection was a recent article in the Jerusalem Post.
    It has been echoed, though — primarily by hawkish sites.
    Do you have a reliable source (other than the Jerusalem Post linked above) that you can share?

  3. Nope. And too busy now — I’ll track it down later. (I will say, however, that I’ve never read the Jerusalem Post in my life, so it must have come from some other hawkish place I frequent.) 🙂

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