Tasteless ain't racist

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  1. :giggle: :chortle: :ROTFLMAO:
    Sorry, I can’t help it… when I look at that bumper sticker, I can’t help but think of the “Light saber/ring” fight in “Space Balls”.
    May the Schwartz be with you!
    :giggle: :chortle: :ROTFLMAO:

  2. Texas is the only state that has bumper stickers like these? Or reactions like these? Or ‘idiots’ like these? I thought I just recently read in one of your posts about racism in LA, that great state just to our east.

  3. Polimom,
    Indeed, Ms Gragg is fortunate that the police arrived to take her away to an air conditioned resting place. Confronting the McKains in their own driveway, threatening them . . . . . . Obviously she missed this.
    An air conditioned room (with ornamental iron bars) sure beats a pine box . . . .

  4. Goldenrod – I think she was referring to the (stereotypical) preferred method of settling disputes in the state (as an example, the original “Don’t Mess With Texas” commercial featured a USAAF B-17 bomber on final approach to the littering inDUHvidual…)

  5. …this reaction to her story should clear things right up.

    zOMG, Polimom, you sure find some real cesspools, don’t you?

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