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  1. Well, I am thinking that, since Polimom’s family is building a pool in their back yard, that Polimom’s dart landed on a small bedroom community on I-10, slightly to the west of Houston…

  2. Ed T — you nailed it. That’s exactly what this is.
    AC and DH are both very comfortable in the Houston area. So the choice became: uproot them, or make this location tolerable. And to handle the heat here (I just hate it!!), Polimom required a pool, because I’m not an indoors person. I need to be out.
    They’re thrilled with this at every level, since AC is a competitive swimmer and DH gave up his pool when we bought this house. So yes… the dart has landed… at least for the next 8 years or so.
    OH – and of course, we have a mud pit this morning.

  3. OH – and of course, we have a mud pit this morning.
    But, not nearly so much heat – the forecast didn’t show a single day in the 90’s this whole week!

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