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  1. If you had told someone this ten years ago they would’ve dismissed you as a conspiracy nut. If you’d told me ten years ago this country would even be having a debate on whether it’s right to torture someone I’d have dismissed you too.
    The list goes on; it’s sad how far down the slope we’ve gone.

  2. If we loose our constitutional rights and our rights bestowed by our Bill of Rights, then we have really lost.
    The current Bush-Cheney administration is like a bad cop, where any means justifies the end.
    During the 80’s I was an active Regan Repbulican. I don’t think Ronald Regan would have anything to do with this current group of Republican extremists.
    We are on a dangerous slope where the rights and priviledges granted by our constitution are in grave danger. At some point, you have to worry if this is way fasicism evolved in other countries.
    President Bush has become to terrorism as Senator MacCarthy was to communism, and you have to wonder if he has any understanding of our constitution or our Bill of Rights.

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