Time to get LOUD about Schools

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  1. Do we have any elected offices that are representing the interests of the citizens of Orleans parish who reside on the West Bank? We have always been thought of the stepchildren, not as needy as the rest of the Parish. Don’t they see that we will be community that supplies many of the families, professionals and citizenship who will rebuild the city of New Orleans? A politician might also consider that we will also have considerable political power during this time. I am already considering whom I will NOT be voting for in the next elections, this will also apply to candidate endorsements.

  2. I suggest you look into the Texas Tech K-12 online school district. I have recommended it to families with Gifted and Talented and/or LD and/or other special situation kids who were not able to get the schooling they needed for whatever reason.
    They provide a curriculum that is self paced and yet linked to a REAL school district, so that the student gets a real transcript just as if they were present in a classroom.
    It won’t be the answer for everyone, but it may work for some.

  3. Are there any families planning to homeschool their kids at least until schools open or permenantly? Does an Algiers Point Homeschoolers association exist? I am planning on homeschooling our son at least until he returns to his archdiocese school in Jan.

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