Trade-offs in the Garden

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  1. I wonder … a stupid wonder, maybe … if these critters have thoughts. Do they think, “Now, I’m metamorphosizing myself into what will appear to be a dead leaf, but eventually I will become a gorgeous butterfly.”
    Do you think there’s any kind of pain – as ‘we’ know pain – involved? Do you think there might be some sort of ‘miraculous realization’ going on within their bodies as they begin a sort of dying process, only to be born again – anew – and beautiful?
    (Too much time on my hands this afternoon, methinks, but yet … I wonder.)

  2. Thanks, Goldenrod and EdT!
    Goldenrod, interesting idea. Dunno if they have “thoughts”, per se, but I do suspect there’s some pain involved in this transition. In the early stage (top photo), I could actually see pulsations going on. As the chrysalis hardens, they start to writhe and thrash about. And as they change is happening inside the chrysalis itself, the entire thing sways and moves around.
    Not sure it’s necessarily pain as we’d experience it, but it looks mighty uncomfortable nonetheless.

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