"Unity" and the One Drop Rule

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  1. Nagin screwed up..He flaps his mouth at the wrong times..He needs an aid sticking his face in a teleprompter..I forgive him..He is a non politically connected Mayor dropped in a huge pot of gumbo..He has tried hard.. Oh, I’m a middle aged carpenter that lives in the French Quarter, Works out of a shop in the 9’th ward..and stayed here through and after Katrina..
    and I’m Vanilla..don’t bitch unless you are here..

  2. blueshead couldn’t have missed the point of this post more. That’s too bad, actually, because it’s an interesting phenomenon.
    As it happens, I feel for Nagin. There isn’t enough money on the planet for the job of Mayor of NOLA, to my mind.
    And… New Orleans isn’t functioning in a vacuum. It’s actually a big fishbowl at the moment, with pretty much everybody watching the situation develop. Attacking those of us who are doing our utmost to help is a smidge counter-productive.

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