Way Too Hot! (On Vacation. Again.)

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  1. Folks, I’ve lived along the Gulf Coast, off and on, since 1973 — but I’ve never seen a summer like this one
    You were a lot younger in the summer of 1980.

  2. It has been really warm! It is also noteworthy that even thought the summer of 1980 has some particularly hot days (117 degrees F), the 2009 average temperature for this month is actually ahead of the 1980 mark. On the bright side, AC technology is much more efficient nowadays, so we can experience some relief.
    I volunteer at the Methodist Hospital, and the rain that came one or two days ago was absolutely refreshing. Rain has a whole new meaning now. Besides that, we have to thank rain for driving our whole earth and nourishing millions, if not billions, across the globe.
    I would really like to hear your thoughts on rain, seeing as you’re someone who has experienced the heat of Houston for a much longer time than I have! Leave your thoughts at my blog.
    Out of curiosity, where was that picture taken, and how did you learn photography? I see you are quite the accomplished photographer with that Nikon, all your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

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