When it rains…

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  1. This is the type of thing that makes one wish for the days when hot water heaters were located in the garage (and, in my case, grateful that said appliance is located at floor level.)
    Good luck,

  2. Another ‘silver lining’ would be that this happened before your ‘new stuff’ was actually installed. What a mess that must be for you!
    My water heater had to be replaced, as well, some years back, but I was very lucky in that – in spite of it being all rusted out – it never spilled its contents all over the lower levels of my townhouse.
    One of my regular cab customers (back when I was driving a taxi) told me that she and her husband had always purchased some sort of insurance that – no matter what went wrong with an ‘appliance’ (water heater, whatever you wanted to be included and paid for in the insurance), resultant repairs were fully covered. I investigated the purchase of such insurance once, but decided it was too expensive. Well, it’s only ‘expensive’ if it doesn’t happen to ‘you’ – anybody you – , I guess!
    Good luck with all this, and keep us posted, OK?

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