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  1. Glad to hear everyone’s OK. Still waiting for the power to get restored where I live (my old place already has power dangit), so I am staying with relatives for now. Hurray for AC (the other kind) and running water.

  2. Glad to hear that, all things considered, you and yours came out of Ike in fairly decent shape. Hope that your life returns to normal real soon.

  3. Hi Ed — Glad you have somebody nearby that you can stay with! I’m stunned by how dependent we all are on power, connectivity, etc. Children of modern technology, we are… wouldn’t have made it in the “olden days”, would we?
    Thanks, Bello!! Your nice thoughts must have helped — we heard from my mom very late last night that her power was back on!

  4. Am just now catching up on my “Favorite” posts. Glad to hear that all is safe your way, and that you were able to get your mother out of ‘captivity’ (garage door).
    Don’t think any of the kids will be going back to school until this coming Monday … if then.

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