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  1. By the way, really enjoy your work here. Suprised I haven’t seen you sooner, as I’ve been a longtime reader/commenter of Mike Reynolds, Dave Schuler, Callimachus, Stubborn Facts, among others. Used to be a regular TMV reader as well, though the evils of WordPress have effectively barred my participation. 🙂

  2. Hi kreiz — I’m really glad you’re enjoying my blog. Since I am also using WordPress as my platform, though, it’s likely that the woes you’re encountering w/ TMV are related to the commenting system they’re using — Disqus (which I also have a great deal of trouble with).

  3. Must be. I can never get it to take my log-on password. After countless tries, I’ve given up. Must be the “q” in disqus. (or is it ‘disgust’?)
    Alas. Life’s tough!

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