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  1. I just found your blog. I am Sandy’s youngest son’s father in law. I have been in touch with her son and my daughter in Natchez, MS. They will be leaving there tomorrow on Thursday to come to our house. I just talked to Frank after sending him a copy of your blog by email and he recognized who Sandy was. What a coincidence. Isn’t the internet amazing. Please send me an email directly to innate@pconline.com so I can give you more info. Thanks for being there.

  2. Hi. Your blog has been a great source of info for those of us who left Algiers. My father stayed behind and we have not been able to get in touch with him. Name is Demetrios Spetsiotis. He’s a 74 year old Greek man who’s English is so so. He lives at 2445 Bristol Place. Anyone with any info on his status would be great. Also how is 2600 Ramsey Drive and 2577 Eton Street. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Keep up the great blog.

  3. I also am greatful for your Blog after reading about it on nola.com.
    I am sitting here safe and secure in Panama City, Florida in a hotel on the beach with my 6 cats and dog.
    I also live on Kabel Drive and am concerned about my home. My Company recently installed a “new” facility on the Miss. River in Algiers that was totally destroyed.
    All we hear about is how bad it is in the City, no one is talking specifically about Algiers. I wish our leaders would give us some information as to when we might be able to return.

  4. My wife and I left town before anyone was even sure whether or not katrina was coming our way. We were unable to board up and are anxious to know the condition of our home. We live @ 444 Belleville.
    My email address is jmo612@yahoo.com
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  5. We left after the hurricane hit, most of bellville was just fine, All the houses we saw were okay except some walls missing on apartments on patterson ((The Point complex)).
    The crown and anchor is indeed missing a back wall, where you can see the kitchen and such.
    Pretty much, all of Algiers point is okay really, or was two days after the storm hit.

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