All those bigoted black voters?

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  1. I will doubtless be pilloried for this comment but, being an avid Astro’s fan because they are from Texas and from my hometown Houston, to date my only thought about the hefty support from the Black community was that their rooting for one of their own. So what? I can recall the day when people voted for someone because they were admired as being the strong, wise, example of Texas values, i.e. John Connoly. I don’t think everything has to be a matter of “racial” urgency. It seems to me to more resembe an expression of Home town spirit. Spirit is good, it’s healthy, it’s fun and it prompts people to communicate openly about thier goals and ambitions. What’s the big deal? Maybe a lot of people need to lighten up.

  2. “But to suggest that African American voters are driven by bigotry would seem to mean that if the Republican nominee was a black person, then the black community would go vote for him, because they simply couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a white person.”
    Any possibility that this behavior is a manifestation of another form of bigotry? After all, black republicans would never be derided and demeaned by large portions of the black community for being Uncle Toms, Oreos or SOMFs, would they?
    *snort*, indeed.

  3. Being a Black American, I like to see others like me succeed and do well so I can agree with glide625’s comment. But that plays a really small part in my decision to support Obama. I’ve had the opportunity to support Al Sharpton and Alan Keyes in their presidential run, but didn’t. Obama is different. People want change and he’s been the best at convincing me it can be done. People are getting excited about politics and are getting involved in the process. If he can motivate others to do than, then what other things are possible if he is in office.
    BTW, I’m forever an Oilers fan. I guess I should let it go, but it’s fun to hold on to the bitterness 😉

  4. Polimom,
    You said it:

    Folks, we’re talking about voting patterns in a contest in which two candidates have somewhat different philosophical underpinnings but very similar policy proposals. So while there’s certainly a little bit of daylight between them on policy, it’s a very teeny sliver. As a result, people are into the third? fourth? layer of decision-making, and for a lot of Democrats, apparently, this primary has been a beauty contest.

    It is indeed a beauty contest, and perhaps the standards for judging a beauty contest should be used here. After all, while one may disagree with the judges on which contestant most “deserves” to win the prize, all the contestants are beautiful, so it comes down to a matter of taste and preference.
    When one has no substantive policy differences between two candidates, and when each one would represent a historic first if they win the prize, how else is one to choose? Perhaps by picking someone who “looks like me”, or more verbosely “looks like someone who would make me proud, or who I would be proud to claim as a peer and friend”.
    Evidently, a majority of white women (Democrats, at least) see Clinton this way, while an even bigger majority of blacks–men and women–see Obama that way. Why would one not expect voters’ taste and preference to favor the contestant most like themselves? As long as the contestants are seen as legitimate, that is. (Clearly prior beauty contestants Al Sharpton and Alan Keyes were not seen as “beautiful” by many of those who on the surface “looked like them”. Blacks have had many opportunities to vote for black candidates just because they were black, and while some do vote this way, most do not.
    Obama is the first black contestant seen as “beautiful” enough to deserve to win, and not just by black voters, either. In fact, his strong support from non-black voters is part of what validates his “beauty” in the pageant and nourishes the hope of his winning. Why wouldn’t black voters do their part to make it happen?
    If there is a historic first to be made here, why not by the contestant whose “beauty” most closely aligns with their taste and preferences? Who “looks like them”?

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