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  1. I may be destined for hell myself by agreeing with you – in part. I’d prefer that school teachers not teach religion on an “ad hoc” basis. Not because being in a publicly funded school should shield kids from religion – it shouldn’t – but because too many teachers aren’t qualified for the mission.
    I think it’s that we put religion back on the educational table as a course required for high school graduation if for no other reason than we all need to know a little about who we’re fighting and why. It’s a fool’s choice to deny history and that’s exactly what ignoring the world’s religions is.
    Little Johnny may be uncomfortable talking about Buddhism for 6 weeks. But probably not. It’s his parents who will get all wound up, either because they’re afraid he’s going to turn Muslim or Christian if he’s not or, if he is, that he’ll turn away from their faith.
    The truth is that high school age is old enough to have this information and deal with it. Far better to have all of the facts and be able to make up one’s own mind. Darwin’s had the field to himself long enough.

  2. Actually, Polimom, there are several instances where students have recorded some of their teacher’s more bizarre behavior, and the school has chosen to respond by disciplining the student – for violating a rule (oftentimes buried deep within the fine print of the student code of conduct, or else made up on the spot and applied ex-post-facto) which prohibits recording devices in the classroom.
    Besides, everybody knows that dinosaurs were on the Arc – after all, that was the origin of the saying “..and the Tryannosaur will lie down with the Apatosaur…”
    Then, of course, you have the ‘lost verses’ which explains what really happened (warning – put the coffee down, and get that cat out of your lap, before proceeding):
    “… and the people they sawest the Tyrannosaur lying with the Apatosaur, as did the Lord; and they all sayeth a mighty ‘ewwwwww‘, and the Lord saieth “Yea, I told these beasts they were not to layeth down with those not of their own species”, and the people did stone the Tyrannosaur with stones, and they didst stone the Apatosaur with stones also. And then, yea verily, they did cast their bodies overboard, but this they did not do on the Sabbath, for that would have been work, and thus Inherently Evil: an so the bodies did remain on the Arc, and did begin to decompose; so by the time they were thrown overboard, they did giveth off an odor most foul. Thus sayeth the Lord, this is how the dinosaurs did become extinct: don’t listen to that fool Darwin or those silly paleontologists, for only History Teachers whose names are more unpronounceable than Mine have been given the truth.”

  3. I agree with marc. There should be a world religions class available for high school students. As long as it taught world religions (which is not against the law because it discusses more than one religion and in an educational way). However, I find what this one teacher did to be absolutely disgusting. Cramming your own beliefs down someone else’s throat is not only illegal (in this sense), but it’s wrong, and it’s something the whole country is dealing with, not only in the classroom. I just know that if I had been in the classroom when he began to talk, I would’ve talked back and then walked out. And I would hope that my fellow students would be with me.

  4. Ed T’s on a roll lately. Getting into the eggnog or something… LOL
    I do agree with Jess and marc, though where one would fit that into a high school schedule these days is beyond me. The ignorance that’s displayed about religions other than Christianity in this country is appalling.
    I was trying to imagine what I’d have done if this man had been AC’s teacher, btw. My reaction would have been very strong…

  5. The ignorance that’s displayed about religions other than Christianity in this country is appalling.

    And, the ignorance that’s displayed about Christianity in this country isn’t?
    BTW, no ‘nog. I can’t do ‘nog any more. It’s all natural.

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