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  1. I can tell you straight that Kablel has been a wreck for at least two years, probably much more than that. It’s still not the worst street though. Huntlee near DeGaulle is terrible, Witney between Degaulle and the Expressway has a huge bump that could probably flip an SUV and you need a dental plan to drive on L.B. Landry between DeGaulle and Meyer.
    I could sit here and go off on the roads in Algiers all day. Too many easy targets. I always tell people that you know when you’ve entered West Jeff because the roads are actually maintained.
    Sad, but this is a problem we can’t blame on Katrina.

  2. No – definitely not a Katrina issue. Which brings some larger issues to the surface, dontcha think?
    The street itself was probably the least of that end of Kabel Drive’s problems, actually.
    It was, frankly, third world conditions.
    (btw Raven – I have a pic to send you)

  3. That was my experience too. Driving around my old neighborhoods in Old Aurora (Huntlee, Ken Court, Plymouth, Bocage), these neighborhoods have all seen better days, and it’s not all from the storm. Even St. Andrews and Alice Harte were looking run down.
    The Village Aurora mall is a dump.
    I guess once all the oil people pulled up stakes and fled to Houston and Atlanta in the 80’s, Algiers was left to rot.
    We had tossed around the idea of trying to find housing on the Westbank if we get a chance to move back, just because I thought the old neighborhood would be comforting to me, but it was just depressing. And my wife totally nixed the idea after seeing it…she said it reminded her of East Fort Worth blight.

  4. Well now I feel thoroughly depressed to hear the opinions of former Algerines.
    Polimom, I planned to go to the Crown & Anchor to see you but it didn’t work out. Sorry I missed you!

  5. Ah!!! Sorry I missed you too! It was a small gathering, but I was really warmed by it. We had fun. (Next time, I’ll broadcast a bit more widely and maybe we’ll have a big bash!)
    I’m so sorry this post brought you down. It was very hard to write. So hard, in fact, that I considered not doing it at all, and simply letting the blog go away altogether. But that didn’t feel right either.
    I cried myself to sleep most nights – the worst was New Year’s Eve.
    Certainly, the reason I wrote it wasn’t to make anyone feel worse. It’s already so very hard. But it was also very hard to understand… and I care tremendously.

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