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  1. The fact that the unhinged from Westboro “Baptist Church” were present at the memorial service (IIRC) should also give the pro-life but not pro-terror folks something to think about. Though I would *love* to see a crowd of several hundred/thousand bikers surround those nutcases and drown out their voices by revving their engines – with the exhausts aiming right into the “protesters”.
    Welcome back, btw. Hope things are going well.

  2. When I heard about this I was heart broken. Not because the man was killed, but that someone would actually go through with a late term abortion. What is wrong with people. I wish feel bad for the child that are aborted in late term. May the children be blessed and I hope that they are in heaven.

  3. I couldn’t agree with Heather more. I was not sad when I heard about this shooting. I do not agree with any kind of violence against another human being, but this man committed a violent act every time he aborted a baby. For those of you who don’t believe abortion is a violent act then look up the procedure for a partial birth abortion and see if you don’t change your mind. The only good thing in this situation is that those poor babies are in Gods arms, never to be hurt by human hands again.

  4. Sigh. I wish some people would do some objective academic research before forming their opinions about such issues. First off, there is no such thing as a ‘partial-birth abortion’. That’s an inflammatory label given by pro-lifers to describe abortions performed after weeks 12. Secondly, Tiller, under Kansas law, only performed abortions on women whose pregnancies put their lives in danger. Please see the following link for more on that:
    Lastly, I don’t understand the religious right at all. If life begins at conception , why are Christians “born again”? Shouldn’t they be ‘”conceived again”? And what if the fetus grows up to be gay? With an anti-homosexual stance, how can we assume that a baby doesn’t grow up to be gay and therefore not ‘innocent’? And what’s with being ‘pro-life’ in the case of an embryo or fetus, but okay with killing doctors or voting for a president who bombs nations where thousands of innocent children and *gasp* pregnant women are killed?

  5. I am sad that someone felt they had to go to this extreme to stop this man, but I feel no sadness at his passing. I just viewed several pictures of babies that were victims of late-term abortion. They were not ‘unformed masses of tissue that proponents of late-term abortion would have you believe. They were completly formed children who were butchered because someone made the decision that they were somehow unworthy of life. Obviously the laws will not protect them. The fact that there has been large protests over decades with no change while thousands more are murdered tells me that. I hope those who disagree will research and view those pictures of murdered children and then maybe someday we will become a nation of ‘compassion’ over politics. Maybe we will be a nation worth saving.

  6. If we can redefine murder once, why not do it again? I think the shooter’s (Scott Roeder) legal defense should be that he performed a ‘late term abortion’ ‘Dr.’ Tiller was in roughly the 92nd Trimester and his life diminished our ability to have the life we wished we could live. Abortion is not murder right? What’s good for the fetus is good for the ‘Dr.’

  7. Hi EdT — I’m okay. Making some changes on this end, tho. I’ll probably say something about them eventually.
    polidad — Presumably you think Dr. Tiller dragged pregnant women in off the street, since you don’t advocate “late abortions” for them as well.
    Or do you?

  8. polidad – I think the proper term would be “post-partum abortion”. However, I don’t think any state has laws that permit abortion in the 92nd trimester, so that defense likely wouldn’t fly. And just curious, what was it about the Dr’s life that “diminished [our] ability to have the life [we] wished [we] could live” – and what is this “we” **** anyway!?
    In the future, please educate yourself on what you are about to say, lest people think you are a

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