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  1. Hey Polimom, I enjoy your website and posts. I have mixed feelings over this “wingnut” segment. I’d like to see at least one network try to be unbiased, and I’m a little uneasy seeing a CNN commentator labeling politicians as wingnuts no matter how much they deserve it. I do think though that calling people out on their extremism is a good thing in the long run.
    My other concern would be the plan for weekly wingnuts. As many wingnuts as there are out there I’m not sure there are enough to make a clearcut choice every week. The two this week are pretty obvious but eventually we will have choices drifting closer to the center and possibly based more on Avlon’s personal political beliefs. A lot depends on Avlon taking a middle-road approach.

  2. Hey there, DaGoat! How nice to see you here in my quiet corner of the blogosphere!
    I think your concerns are valid, and time will tell where Avlon falls on the political-bias continuum. But I think it’ll be a very long time before he runs out of easy targets.

  3. This is good stuff. I especially like Bachmann’s insinuation that swine flu is somehow ratsocrat-linked. I’m not saying it is, but maybe Congress should stop all its business and conduct a full investigation into this charge! We need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission!

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