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  1. Happy birthday! No present this year, it’s all going to cover my great-great-grandchildrens’ portion of this years’ deficit.
    Remember the good old days, when it was “a BILLION here, a BILLION there – soon you start talking about some REAL MONEY”? Oh well…
    American Idol? Are you going to be the new PAULA SIT DOWN!

  2. Ha! You won’t catch me out that easily Ed T! Of COURSE I don’t remember those days! I remember reading about it in the history books, tho.
    (Ummm…. and no, I won’t be making any appearances on AI — LOL!)

  3. I watched that extended clip. I had seen a much shorter version of her initial tryout just this past week on the news. It’ll be interesting to watch her progress on that show this season. I hope she does well. I doubt she’ll be out of work long.
    She reminds me a little of Paul Potts, whom I featured last October. Paul eventually went on to win the competition and has since made at least two albums. (I also notice that he got some of his teeth fixed. I almost hoped he wouldn’t do that. I was afraid that might affect his singing, but it doesn’t appear to have done so.)

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