Bolt-hole hunting

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  1. Petite Jean State Park perhaps? also go to Beavers Bend SP in Ok near Broken Bow. I stayed there six weeks in an RV and had a squirrel the climb up the back of my chair and sleep on my shoulder while I read. But I best have food ready when she woke up.

  2. Hi John — thanks for the suggestions! I just looked up Petit Jean SP — it looks like it’s somewhat outside of my max driving range (though if you recommend it, I’ll certainly go visit it sometime!)
    I’ve thought about looking at the Broken Bow area as a bolt hole. The general area, ,though, looks to be having some real economic problems. OTOH, the Glenwood, AR area (where I stayed) looks to be better off, economically.
    Since I want to “buy” a bolt hole, I’m trying to find someplace that I’ll feel good about, overall.
    What was your impression of the Broken Bow area? It’s certainly closer than the Ouachitas….

  3. My Mother lived for a while near New Hope Ark and I used to go to Albert Pike and drive west to Little Missouri Falls and on to Shadow Lake in the Ouachitas. Is that the part you are going to? If you have not found it go east out of Mena Ark up to the Queen Willamina Lodge. It has nice rooms and a great view.
    Broken Bow is an Native American town at heart and has good healthcare because of it but last time I looked at land it was just too high. There is a nice lodge on the lake and there are cabins at the state park, some more rustic than others. The cabins are in a nice setting and they were fixing them up in 2004. We travel in a motor home so we head to State park and the like. Going west ten hours will put you in Davis Mountains State part at Fort Davis. There is the Indian Lodge there and great hiking. Lots of humming birds and I saw a buzzard open an ice chest to raid it while the campers were away.If you want contact me on my e-mail and I could send picts

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