Breaking — Edwards exiting the race (Updated)

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  1. “…Myself, I’d like to hear a bit more about Iraq now, since I don’t think either of the front-runners really intend to make an immediate exit…”
    Hillary wil be the first to “come clean” about how she really feels, but won’t do so any earlier than next Wednesday. Look at the list of her nationaI security advisors; lots of realists here (The fact that Albright is a marginal incompetant does not make her any less of a realist). If next Tuesday does not yield overwhelmingly positive results for her, expect an extra several weeks of posturing.
    Of the two, I believe Obama’s current stance to be the most honestly held ; I don’t expect much of a re-positioning from him. Sorry, but I believe that most of his base doesn’t care much about national security per se; they just want out of Iraq. All of that blood and treasure, oh my!

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