Krugman on Clinton's gas tax

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  1. Unless, of course, you read the sentence following what you quoted, in which case Krugman’s point is completely clear: “The Clinton twist is that she proposes paying for the revenue loss with an excess profits tax on oil companies. In one pocket, out the other. So it’s pointless, not evil.”
    You seem to be hammering Krugman for criticizing the candidate he likes. Don’t we want a political dialog in which people do that instead of simply being cheerleaders for their preferred candidates?

  2. Hi Dorothy — yes, I saw that article in Salon this morning. Found it interesting, actually — particularly that Obama’s saying “it didn’t work” and George Frost at Salon says “it helped”. Helped whom? By how much? For how long? Because obviously it didn’t do much in the long run, which makes me a tad suspicious about the author telling us it did work.
    John — Krugman has been off the rails all season about Obama, and this got my goat because he’s acting as if he didn’t criticize her plan at all. And he did. But instead of owning it, he’s attacking Obama. Again.

  3. I think the way he repeated his criticism of the Clinton proposal in two subsequent blog posts was a particular clever way to pretend he never said it!
    If more of Obama’s critics were like Krugman – talking about health care policy and polling data rather than Jeremiah Wright and lapel pins and arugula – it would be very good for Obama (and all of us) indeed.

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