Cat 4?

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  1. I had not seen it, but thanks for bringing it to my attention. I wasn’t sure what they agreed to, and I think everyone’s hedging because few really want to spend the money.
    The best I’d heard is that in bringing the levee to pre-Katrina strength, there would be some fixes so that it would truly do what they predicted it would do — that is, be Cat. 3 protection.
    It’s no surprise, however, that experts think it won’t get done on time (June 1).

  2. Not correct. The president signed the law to provide $2.9 billion to fix the levees on Dec. 30. His last-minute proposal, offered only once he realized congress was going to proceed without him, provides money to fix what we had and add three improvements: 1. provide backslope protection, 2. close the outfall canals at the lake, and 3. improve pumping stations. Only items 1 and 2 were included in the final bill. There has been no legislation passed to increase our level of protection to date. I’ve been following this issue closely.

  3. Let me clarify: it’s the news report that is incorrect. Polimom is right. We had approximately Category 3 protection before, and we’re getting approximately Category 3 protection after.

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