Clearing the air about post-Katrina events

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  1. Hi Polimom, it’s Caro kimbrey here again from the Uk. I honestly cannot believe the audacity of some people who only seem to want to distort truth. I remember that week: I was fixed on your blog and joined the prayers of many for the gulf coast area. All that happened in the aftermath should NEVER have happened. You were only doing what was needed and remember, all your archive is there as proof of your motives at the time.

  2. The unfortunate fact that the nat’l media was broadcasting most of the information about what transpired in that first week (and not our local representatives, tv or otherwise) lent itself to distortion in SO many areas. I guess it’s important to keep that in mind when viewing news on ANY topic! For example, never mind the fact that the people at the convention center were isolated, hungry, thirsty, hot, and completely CLUELESS as to the gravity of the situation across the city… they were just “a bunch of animals” according to the media, and black ones at that. No justification for the criminal element there, but they were few compared to the thousands on that “island.” They can spin a story any way they want and it’s usually the most sensational version. (Just my 2 cents!)

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