Collusion and Sexism

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  1. Campbell Brown’s remarks strike me as idiotic! The “Free Sarah Palin” call reminds me a little of what the suffragettes were shouting many years ago in this country.
    Collusion? As in “secret agreement or cooperation for an illegal or deceitful purpose”? What collusion? I don’t think that McCain had the vaguest idea what he was getting into when he proposed her as his running mate.
    Nor do I think the press or anyone else has the vaguest idea of what to make of her. And, because she cannot be precisely pinpointed, particularly in re foreign policy (to name just one example), “everyone” seems to be running around in circles like crazy trying to figure out ways to attack her before she (Heaven forbid!) gets elected into office.
    Then, of course, if she does happen to be elected, she will quite simply disappear into the woodwork (as all good Vice Presidents do!). I just hope she doesn’t ‘disappear’ before the election. She adds pizzazz to the campaign.
    Will there be a Vice Presidential debate? There’s probably one already scheduled. I just haven’t been paying attention. Now THAT I would be very interested in watching and listening to. I know that Obama and McCain are squaring off against each other Friday night. I will not be watching. BOWring!!
    But ‘collusion’? No, I don’t think so. At least, not as I understand the definition.

  2. I thought it was a stupid comment too.
    She is complicit, 100%
    The American people should be demanding that she answer any questions that the media or the people have.
    If she doesn’t or won’t then she should not be the VP and McCain should not be elected. plain and simple.

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