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  1. The interesting thing about the context is that many of those quote came from the time we all say the Colin Powell dog and pony show for the UN that was quite convincing. Of course, the administration had access to intelligence that contradicted the claims, which was kept away from everyone… so yes, context does indeed matter.

  2. Sorry, John, but if you read Polimom’s post, she said (emphasis mine):

    …contains a host of quotes we’ve seen for years, back into the Clinton years

    While I don’t know the exact dates the quotes in the Snopes article were made, I do remember the Iraqi WMD program (and the weapons that came out of it) mentioned, even before Gulf War I. And, I do remember people – on both sides of the aisle, and in different countries – discussing them during the years of the Clinton Administration.
    So, while you may have a bone to pick with the current Administration, or how it handled the reports it was getting from the intelligence community (and I have some issues with that whole thing, as when I worked with classified info it would have been my head to have leaked it), let’s not pretend that the whole WMD thing didn’t exist prior to January 2001: it’s intellectually dishonest to do so.

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