Degrading cattle-car economics

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  1. You know, it’s funny that you mention cattle car economics because of how this ties into history.
    During the heyday of train travel, shortly after the civil war, when it was, essentially, the airline of the country, companies removed the roofs off of third class boxcars though roofs were cheap and they often had to spend extra money to tear the roof off.
    The reason was simple. They wanted to make sure that no one who could afford a second class or a first class ticket would go third. So, rather than offering incentives to higher class passengers, they exposed lower class ones to the elements. The rain, the wind, the hail. Who knows how many got sick or died from that.
    So, sadly, what the airline is doing is nothing more than following the historical precedent set by its rail-based forefathers. However, since they can’t remove the roof off of the plane, they just prevent you from sitting with your AC.
    Pretty despicable if you ask me, but as an advertising guy, we used to talk about upselling or selling more expensive products all the time. Still, usually involved bonuses and incentives, not browbeating.
    Amazing what bankruptcy does to one’s humanity, just look at Entergy.
    Oh well, hope the flight went well!

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