Downsizing (Good-bye to all that)

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  1. then one day, Polimom was shootin’ at some food, and UP thru the ground comes the bubbling’ crude….First thing you, ol’ Polimom’s a millionaire…

  2. Well at lest the new digs have really good cross ventilation. However Ozark winters may make it necessary to bring the livestock into the house for warmth;)

  3. I’m grateful for your support, y’all. Unfortunately, we ran out of lockers Wednesday, so we’ll be postponing.
    We did, however, manage to get the swing hung, goldenrod.
    Come and play...

  4. To paraphrase Cmdr. Data, “I thought this was true… for .000068 nano-seconds.”
    Would have been GREAT to show it to AC, however, with a “Guess what, honey? We have a SURPRISE for you!”

  5. Too bad she didn’t fall for it, at least for a minute! The shock on her face would have been a great shot! I really needed a laugh this morning! This is fabulous!

  6. It would have, Slate! I was really kinda let down. But she’s really turning into a cynical teen now. I miss that wide-eyed wonder she had in her eyes not so long ago — when I could tell her anything and she’d believe it.

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