Earth calling Sarah. Come in, Sarah…?

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  1. Very interesting, the speculation about financial malfeasance. Maybe she’s not bipolar after all, just an evildoer.

  2. Wow is Palin blonde or what. so if the american people were so stupid to elect her to a higher office will she quit when south korea shoots rockets at us claiming it’s too rough for her. get a clue sara your daughter is a ho and your a horses ass

  3. Sigh… getting linked from yahoo news tends to bring some overheated commentary.
    For folks visiting here for the first time: I strongly recommend reading the comments policy. (And apologies to regular readers…)

  4. I like the pres. we have now! Keep your day job Sara, We have a two term man in office. I PROMISE* But some day a woman will take the office, just not for a while. Although I do think she is cute to want to play with the big boys. Shucks*

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