Electronic eyes and "al-Qaida countries"

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  1. Tearing the country apart? Like Terri Schiavo? I gott say I disagree with you on that, and on the plan. This is another manufactured issue to distract people from what should be front burnere issues like this illegal war, health insurance, and energy, among others.
    I disagree also thats it’s a good plan. I think it’s a horrible plan. The issue should be dealsy with by professionals, not Superhero vigilante wannabes with computers and cheetos. That’s awful. And it’s an awful waste of taxpayer money. It should go to funding the Border Patrol.

  2. Thom,
    I don’t think anybody’s getting distracted from the war (although I have noticed a bit less chatter about the energy). Health care? I’d expect to see a lot about that coming up on 2008, not the off year. (and btw – I like the MA plan)
    Remember, we’re talking about Texas…. and this is a border state. It’s not a back- burner issue here, nor is it in, say, Iowa (of all places), where apparently they’re really concerned. (hunh?) They’re talking about TX taxpayer money (hello, TX readers!!!). The Border Patrol is federal.
    Yes indeed, there are more global issues, but the illegal immigration issue is as polarizing as any I’ve seen. Not only that, but I’m hugely concerned by the increasing sounds of xenophobia, all over the country. I see that as an enormous issue (though it wasn’t the pont of this post – I’ve written about it before).
    And really, I’m serious (although I had my tongue in my cheek in other places in the post) — I’d much rather have those cheetoes-eatin’ vigilante wannabes at home, rather than walking around trying to “patrol the border”.

  3. That is a good point, but I think such sites would lure them to “patrol the border.”
    And I simply disagree on whether or not people are being distracted. They clearly are, and they are months before congressional elections. Purposely, I believe. It is an attempt to have a polarizing issue for Republicans to attempt to sway people into voting for them on this issue, hoping they forget they supported a war gone so wrong that most Americans think it is a mistake. It is a massive distraction. No matter where one is. it also serves as a distraction for a host of constitutional issues that have flourished under the Republican rule. It is nothing but a distraction, being used the same way abortion was and is used.
    And the fact that it’s Texas taxpayer dollars should have every Texan pissed as hell. It’s a waste. It would be like putting Web cams in all the 7-11s across the country. What good would seeing a robbery in Illinois do me in Oregon? Or more importantly, what good would it do the store? Are we supposed to imagine some vigilante watching at home calling up the Border Patrol to go get someone they saw on their Web cam? It seems cartoonishly ridiculous to me.
    And energy and health care issues are not important during congressional elections? You can’t mean that. Of course they are. Hugely.

  4. Yes, actually, that’s precisely what I understand they think the web-cam watching folks will do: call the BP to go get them. (funny, yes? I would expect chaos, actually)
    It’s not a legislative action. It’s the state gop convention. It’s the platform they’re developing.
    I’m already on record (long since, and many times over) for seeing the parties — both of them — as playing to the wings. This is just more of the same.
    But as long as you’ve brought up healthcare, and we are actually discussing issues… what did you think of the MA healthcare plan?

  5. actually, scratch that last question. I’ll do a post about it soon, and everybody can sound off. Too off-thread for this one. (apologies…)

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