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  1. I caucused for the first time last night with the dems, after voting for obama, motivated by my strong dislike for both hillary and mccain. i think it is likely obama will be terrible, but i think he is least worst. perhaps he will not seek mindlessly to implement the typical dem program (which now must really be acknowledged as the bipartisan brain-dead program) of raiding the federal treasury to cement the loyalty of constituencies.
    116 people showed for the caucus, 60 for hillary and 56 for obama, resulting in eight delegates each.
    i do not wish election as president in 2008 on my worst enemy. we’re going to have a rather trying economic experience, and the president will be expected to Do Something, but the president is really mostly powerless to do much about it except spin, cheerlead, lie, and give the appearance of Things Being Done. you would guess that the president who is elected in 2008 in doomed to one term. however, roosevelt won re-election until his death, despite the fact that his highly strenuous efforts resulted in little economic progress.

  2. Hi Enrico, thank you for your comment.
    I’m sorry you are so unhappy with the candidates this year, but I have to admit that I know quite a few people who feel the same way.
    I agree, btw, about the president’s relative inability to Do Something. There are areas where the executive branch has power — primarily foreign policy / Supreme Court appointments — but legislatively speaking, it’s mostly a bully pit. I think lots of folks are over-investing hopes in what they can reasonably expect.

  3. Hi Enrico — sorry to be slow responding. Left town Thursday and didn’t have time to get back to the blog.
    Fascinating that you had more Clinton than Obama there, and that there were many “women of a certain age”. Out here (Cinco Ranch), though I didn’t mention it in the post, I’d say the Obama group ran about 50-50, while the Clinton group was probably a bit tilted toward women.
    One thing, though, that was interesting: the Clinton line of people were primarily “onesies”, in that folks came alone to caucus. The Obama line, otoh, was four or five people wide, and people came in groups — friends/family/neighbors.
    All in all, I’d have to say that the energy in the Obama line was rather a lot higher, too.

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