Flu in the neighborhood (A ticked off update!)

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  1. Polimom,
    Sigh. Sounds like it’s time to evacuate Katy, then . . . . Run! Run!
    Really. The hysteria around this flu virus is just over the top. Are there no adults in charge of anything anymore?

  2. Thousands of people died every year in just the US alone of the standard flu. Can we get some perspective please?
    Wash your hands…..and people that means using soap! Can’t tell you how many people I see in the wash room wetting and drying there hands. What, are you all just trying to make a good medium for the bacteria? Warm and wet a germ’s paradise.

  3. I’m looking for a photograph. Of a particular body part with flames shooting out of it. Maybe attached to a female sheep. So that I can deliver a message to certain folks without getting myself in trouble.
    I wonder if Photoshop can help me out here…

  4. @The Master: it is entirely possibly that “the hysteria” will help keep this bug from spreading farther/faster than it has, thus saving our collective butts. I am totally OK with things like school closings etc.
    OTOH, some of the commentary directed at the presumed origin of this strain, and its citizenry, is simply irresponsible. Which is the point I think Polimom is trying to make.

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