Gnashing and wailing their way back to Earth

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  1. Yep… the moonbats are gonna whine about Obama not being liberal enough, and the wingnuts are gonna whine about McCain not being a ‘real’ conservative. It should definitely be “interesting times” between now and November.

  2. Kinda missed that Obama and “natural center” connection, but I’ll look harder for the signs from now on.
    Question: Does Obama lead the Dems back to reality vis a vis Iraq, or does he continue to follow the Reid-Pelosi line, aka “surge, what surge”? If he pivots too quickly, does he lose roots support?
    Question: As it dawns on the ideological left and their media enablers that Obama is just another poli, er, “pragmatist,” does he lose the top cover with which he has been provided for the last few months?; if this pragmatism thing continues, how long until Olbermann names BHO “the worst person in the world?”

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