I'll take the pragmatist for a thousand, please

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  1. Wrt the Brooks’ piece, you say “particularly frothy”, I say “bullseye!.”
    Lots of dingers here, although the passing observation about Adlai Stevenson was particularly apt, in that I enjoy historical analogies. Eloquent and highly principled (arguably to a fault), the Illinois Governor was the toast of elites and academia alike. Ideologically, a ’50’s Obama, if you will. Unfortunately for the progressives of the era, he was completely owned by Ike in the ’52 and ’56 general election. Did the ghost of Adlai pay a visit to Obama in the last few days?
    Is this the new standard? A politico renounces, in the interest of gross political expediency, a previously and highly publicized idealistic position on an issue and it is called “pragmatism.” Funny, but when Bill Clinton “adjusted to changing circumstances” he was rightfully named Slick Willie, a label that has stuck.
    Btw, is Obama now using Al “Just win, baby!” Davis as a campaign advisor? Just askin’. New campaign slogan: Pragmatism You Can Believe In! Funny, but I’m not feeling very inspired just now.

  2. Literature abounds with characters that stick to their word even when it is to their detriment. They are normally referred to as tragic heroes .

  3. As you say, Dyre, literature is positively littered with such tragic heroes. In this particular tale, a tragic hero at the head of a globally-important country would be catastrophic.
    Bello — Since your previous comments have indicated something rather distant from “inspired” by Obama, your outrage seems a bit faux here.

  4. With all the press coverage on this we hear very little concerning McCain’s “creative” primary campaign funding which appears to be illegal.

  5. Until the day that there is some small party getting part of that cash there is no reason to check those ‘donation’ boxes. If the two parties that have evenly split the country can not manage to get the message out that their candidate is running, then they don’t need to be in office.

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