Good morning from the exurbs

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  1. Beautiful shots. I prefer to sleep, personally, but it’s nice someone else wakes up occasionally to capture the world the rest of us miss!

  2. Ha! I prefer to sleep also, but I’m unfortunately one of those people who can’t get back to sleep easily once awakened. Some kind of curse…
    Still, if I’m gonna be stuck up and about at such a ridiculous time of day, it’s really nice to have something interesting to look at.

  3. Oh, wow, Polimom! Those are some beautiful shots! I have to drag myself from bed a little earlier to enjoy some of these scenes. The full moom is just magnificent.

  4. All good shots – but that second shot of the moon is the best IMHO. Very different from the common full-moon shots (and I am not being cheeky here 馃槈

  5. Hi Ed — don’t give me that. Of course you’re being cheeky! (LOL!!!!)
    Thanks. The clouds floating across that full moon were really eerie, but I was surprised to learn that photographing them was a LOT more challenging than just a plain ole Moon. Several came out, and more than several didn’t.聽 There’s another on the flickr, I just didn’t put it here.

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