Moulin and Rouge

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  1. I got a Lensbaby Composer, which I am now accessorizing. Oh, and a Giant Fat Cell. My wife has promised to give me Syphilis for my birthday – or maybe just the Common Cold… 🙂

  2. Santa brought me an emaciated pregnant cat and a pair of mens size 11Heelies.
    Funny thing though the easter bunny brought me an emaciated cat too.
    I seem to be on some list other than naughty or nice.

  3. That first pic kinda reminds me of a little boy trying on his daddy’s great big cowboy hat. 🙂 Great photos!
    When you gonna show Moulin? Or is he/she moving too fast for you?

  4. Dyre, what’s up with the emaciated cats? Do you have an abundance of mice around your property that somebody’s tired of mentioning? (Actually… good on ya for taking them in!)
    Goldenrod, that’s funny! I see exactly what you mean in that first image! As it happens, I just shot Moulin this morning. S/He’s been sleeping for most of the last few days. Haven’t downloaded the photos yet from the camera, and they may not be as much fun. Moulin was standing around on a sponge…

  5. BTW, check out my blog post today, and you will understand the first comment on this post. They make great models – don’t complain or more at all!
    Fun and hilarity to ensure.

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