Google Ads and Obama-smears

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  1. I don’t think what they are doing violates the AdWords terms of service, so Google probably wouldn’t tell you who they are. I suppose somebody else with $ could runs ads pointing to material debunking it. I expect it would be costly.
    Pretty sad.

  2. Oddly enough, another one of these popped up yesterday on TMV — and right behind Jason’s post, someone commented that it showed up in their Gmail. I dunno whether folks are just suddenly noticing, or if they just started running.
    Really amazing, though, how determined somebody is to push that meme.

  3. the Obama / Muslim attacks aren’t merely slithering around in the subterranean email caves. They’re also being spread… in the political blogosphere!

    The Intarwebs are sure a wonderful thing… aren’t they!

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