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  1. Eew. I always feel a little soiled when I wander into Taylor Marsh, or Talk Left, or No Quarter. The unadulterated hackery stains everything.

  2. Polimom,
    Complimentary to Peggy’s WSJ piece is Frank Rich’s article in today’s NYT: “The Billary Road to Republican Victory.” I hardly ever read an entire Rich rant and never, ever, have agreed with him. This one, however, is good.
    If this keeps up, both Frank and MoDo will be writing for the NY Post before summer!

  3. Does that mean I’m channeling Malcolm X? Oh dear….

    Well, that’s what TexasLiberal thinks is happening with me:

    EDT—Maybe it’s your “inner Malcolm X” talking.

    Me thinketh NOT. Just like I’m not channeling Rush when I say “ditto”. When I mention “Talent on loan from boB”, however…

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