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  1. How about Hermione? Helga? Think we can rule out Persephone, as she had underworld connections.
    There’s a distinct ‘pursing of the lips’ there … kind of pouty, but not really. Perhaps the pursing is related to the fact that she cannot see really well without her glasses?

  2. To answer your question:
    1) You could have changed the white balance setting (to either incandescent or flash, I am not sure which – but I suspect it would be flash), or you could have (if your camera supports this) dialed in a bit of compensating filter.
    My guess is that the reason you got the orange tint is actually because the gold tint in the hat came up brighter because of the flash (that is probably where the flash hit the strongest), thus throwing off the auto white balance.

  3. Hi Ed — I’m so glad somebody’s willing to take a swing at this question!
    I’ll take the last part first: no, the strobe didn’t hit the wig head (or if it did, it was very very lightly). The strobe was at least partially concealed behind the book (and fired at 1/64th power).
    Let’s think about this some more. If I have only incandescent lighting, what’s the camera going to have to do to keep the whites white?
    Alternatively, if I only fire a strobe, what does the camera have to do to achieve the correct result?

  4. I say shoot RAW then adjust the white balance afterwards!
    Since the incandescent lights are dominant, set the white balance for them, and either color correct for the flash (the book) later, or use a gel on the flash to set it’s color temp the same as the bulbs.

  5. OK, let’s try that again. As Glenn noted the incandescent light is dominant in the photo. However, because you fired the flash, I am guessing that the camera noticed, and your AWB factored that too highly into its algorithm. Electronic flash is cooler (high ratio of blue to red) than incandescent, so the camera is compensating and throws the orange color cast. To compensate, you set the camera’s WB setting to “Incandescent” – or, my fave trick is to use an ExpoDisk and set up a Custom WB.
    Or, as Glenn suggested, simply shoot in Camera RAW and adjust in the PC.

  6. Yup, Ed T — you’re trackin’ on it now. But you said, “To compensate, you set the camera’s WB setting to “Incandescent” ” — but that would then skew the color on the book, since I’d lit with the strobe.
    Glenn’s answer is exactly what I’ll do the next time I shoot this shot. I (luckily) own a full set of gels for that strobe.
    Amazing how much I didn’t know. I love learning new stuff!

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