Hillary's 50-state strategy: Race

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  1. Hillary shows her true stripes. She will do and say anything necessary to get and hold power. I know that some of my fellow erstwhile republicans had the strategy of voting for hillary in the ratsocrat primary on the theory that she would be easier to defeat than Obama in the general election, but I think these people are sowing the wind and I pray that we will not reap the whirlwind.

  2. Polimom,
    Yes, the Clintons are trying to whip up (possibly) latent feelings of prejudice among less well off, less well educated, white voters. In the deep South there is some evidence that this strategy is working, e.g. Mississippi and Alabama. In other parts of the country, e.g. Wisconsin, Iowa, it has failed completely. No doubt they expect, after banishing Barack Obama with the help of a wave of bigotry, that black voters will obediently queue up behind Hillary (alongside those same bigoted white primary voters) and vote Democrat in the general election. Possibly, but then again, maybe not!
    Even in Mississippi, though, there is evidence that this strategy is not working as the Clintons might expect. From the WSJ:

    “Exit polls showed some 59 percent of voters disapproved of Clinton’s attack ads–part of a strategy that was widely viewed as helping her defeat Obama in the key March 4 contests in Ohio and Texas. And Obama beat Clinton 55-45 among voters who considered the economy the most important factor in the contest–an outcome Obama’s team hopes is a harbinger of things to come.” Obama’s economic message is “critical if he is to erase Clinton’s substantial lead in the polls in Pennsylvania,” the biggest remaining state.

    Obama can still make this race about policy, and not about race. It’s sad, though, that the burden of keeping it that way falls entirely on him.
    Really, it’s time for the Clintons to slink away into the garbage can of history.

  3. I think Ohio is really an anomaly. I visited Cincinnati in the summer of 2006, and there an aroma of racial tension everywhere I went where blacks and whites mixed together in close quarters. I freely admit that I thought when Obama commenced his campaign that the country was wholly unready to elect a black man president, but I am hopeful now that I misjudged our country. I think Hillary misjudges, too, and I delighted beyond words to see a glimmer of the end of the ratsocrat plantation system, whereby the whole appeal to black folks is the premise that they are too pathetic to do anything but look to the federal government for a handout.

  4. A most stimulating post … along with the comments added before this one. There were more original “one-liners” and phrases here than I have heard uttered thus far by any candidate!
    Good to see you back among the posting, Polimom!
    By the way, it was my understanding (wrong?) that ALL candidates at the forefront of the nomination for the Presidency were accorded Secret Service protection. If I am correct, then Hillary would be receiving that irregardless of any prior status.

  5. Hi Goldenrod —
    Here is the Secret Service link. The short answer is no, they don’t normally protect candidates in primaries.
    Enrico — while I don’t have nearly as dim a view of the Democrats as you seem to have, I am also hopeful that this country can finally start to get over its base race-relations history.

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