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  1. Excellent commentary. I like how you explained to AC that “Ho” and “Pimp” and “Nigga” demean. People attempt to change the meaning of these words, but the origins of each remain most prominent. The lessons you give your child are to be commended.

  2. Kudos to Polimom. I hear too many parents, and a lot of “spokespersons” for parents, crying about the media bombarding their children with negative influences. Polimom seems to grasp the fact that it is the parents’ job to counter any negative influence with the values that they want their child to have. Polimom you’re on your job!

  3. Along the same lines, the F-word has become commonplace in everything from music lyrics to casual conversations. While I am all for artistic expression and freedom of speech, doesn’t the person hearing that word have the same “rights” as the person spewing it? Yes, I can choose not to buy the CD or turn off the radio but it’s the conversations I have no control over.

  4. Yes, the F-word has become all too common. There have always been phrases or words that offend, though, and I don’t know that we have no control over conversations.
    We can express our disapproval in a number of ways, from non-intrusive facial expressions to verbal feedback. Or we can simply choose not to associate with people who cannot control the words that fall foully from their lips.
    There’s something important in your comment, Charlotte, in terms of children – who are notorious for repeating what they hear. If we don’t want the next generation to use offensive language thoughtlessly, then we must teach them – again – the meaning of the words. And then we can only hope that they will not grow up and choose to use such language, because if they do, it will be done thoughtfully. .. and that would be a disappointment.

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