The man in my mirror

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  1. Thom — Thanks so much for sharing the link and song. You’re a wonderful guitar player, btw! I’m jealous!
    I hope your dad enjoyed your song as much as mine did this post.
    It’s impossible to overstate a father’s impact, and in many ways (though I wish less of the road was behind me), I’m glad I’m old enough now to articulate my love and gratitude.

  2. Hey, thanks Polimom, for going and listening, I really appreciate it. And as far as my Dad enjoying the song–ha! As soon as I finished it, with all the family around, he got up , said (graveled) “Write a song for your mother!” and wallked away. He HATED the stage, bless him. (I already had written one for my ma, BTW.)
    Yes and yes. It’s funny and sad and stupid or something that so many of us take so long to grow up into love. Especially for us guys, I think you’d agree. I unabashedly love the old grouch, and he knows it.
    Happy days to you. I’ll be back.

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