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  1. It could be worse. I’d be afraid to see these numbers for Louisiana. Did you catch the piece where people talk about miscegenation (did I spell that right)? Someone called Obama a “neither-nor”. Lovely.
    I think New Orleans needs to keep the bridges wired at all times against the day the rest of the south goes on a rampage, possibly as soon as late next week

  2. Personally, I could careless what religion he is. I think that the founding fathers set things up so that religion was not a barrier to political office… and they did know that there were Muslems in the world (See treaty with Tripoli which was ratified by Congress on June 10, 1797 [Signed while George Washington was President, ratified while John Adams was President])
    But if a man says over and over and over that he is a memember of one faith, and no one has ever seen him practice another…. and many have seen him violate tenets of the Islamic faith… Why would question him?
    Oh, wait. Are these the same folks who think we never made it to the Moon?

  3. “Are these the same folks who think we never made it to the Moon?”
    No doubt some of them are. And believe it or not, I definitely know some people who believe that one.

  4. Regarding the “neither/nor” mentality, watch Jon Stewart’s interview with him on last night program. (It will replay early this evening or it’s on the web.) Gotta say Obama’s got a sense of humor. When asked if he would be affected by the “Bradley effect”, he laughed and said he might get in the voting booth and his hand (which he illustrated) would go this way and that. He also said he was in therapy to make sure he voted correctly! Loved it!

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