Palin, pitbulls and panders

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  1. I would believe as a Governor of a state, you would try to get the tax dollars of your people put back in your state and back into the hands of the interests of those taxpayers. i believe Palin is the type of person we need in Washington. A reformer that can say enough is enough.
    While I am not exactly why McCain picked Palin, from my perspective, she is the only person on any ticket that is not a Washington insider / do nothing loser. We need more like her.
    And as a mother how can she do it. Just like all the movie stars and every other politician does it. With help from family and a nanny. Has anyone asked if Obama would add to the father not involved in the African American household statistic? Oh sorry that was racist. Not if you are African American.
    Ok so how about the facts? When will this start? Obama has given zero to date. Obama has changed his stance on many of his issues.
    As far as Governors having the experience to lead. How about the last few Governor/Presdients Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush.
    I see Palin as someone not looking to please the media. Someone interested is what is most important in America. The people working and paying taxes. Not those with their hands out for another freebie.
    Palin in a landslide and will move on to be our first female President. Palin in 2016.

  2. “Palin in a landslide and will move on to be our first female President. Palin in 2016”

    Palin in a landslide? Umm…. You realize that she’s not actually the head of the GOP ticket. Right?

  3. The “sexism” comments are already beginning; I heard it suggested tonight that Obama was sexist for suggesting that Palin should be treated like the rest of the guys–apparently, the use of the word guys to…you know…accurately describe the rest of the current playing field is sexist.

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