In Iraq, we have to try

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  1. Polimom,
    I listened to the speech too. I must have been dreaming, though when Dick Durbin came on to make the official Democratic party response. Did I doze off, or did he really say that the Democrats opposed adding more troops because it would allow the Iraqis to rely on the US to do their work for them? That we should demand that they step up and take ownership of all that must be done?
    Unless I’m dreaming that is the position taken by Donald Rumsfeld . . . . . you know, the guy the Democrats have been blaming for the whole Iraq mess (after Bush, that is).
    So, the official Democrat position is now to endorse the priorities and positions of Donald Rumsfeld? Looks like Bush Derrangement Syndrome has infected the entire Democratic leadership.
    It would be amusing, if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  2. I have found an odd turn of events lately. There is a growing number of people who want to do something about the Darfur, Sudan problems going on. But some of the same people will tell you that we must leave Iraq to defend itself.
    Why do so many people see a genocide issue in Iraq as not our problem, but don’t mind finding other problems in the world for us to fix?

  3. I spent last night watching “Top Chef” reruns – sooo much less stressful for me, and I probably got most of the flavor of the speech/counter-speech anyway (just with a few more [BLEEP]-worthy words.)
    I figure, what the heck – as a good hard-core neocon, I’ll just wait until later today, hear what Rush and FOX News have to say, and then use their talking points as the basis for my marching orders.
    Oh, and I have the perfect solution: let’s send the esteemed Mr. Baker from almost-Katy over to Iraq to organize some Friday Night Pig Races. A perfect win-win: Katy gets rid of a major embarassment, and the Iraqis finally have an ‘enemy’ that could unite them.

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