First impressions of the last (finally!!) debate

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  1. ABC has a report that:
    1) Joe is buying the buisness for $250k-$280k
    2) it makes no where near the amount to get him hit with the next income bracket
    3) in a quote he says that he ‘Is worried about when he does make $250k+ a year’
    Basically Joe wants flat taxes all across the board. The single parent making minimum wage should pay the same percentage as the CEO bringing in $15million a year….in Joe’s world.
    My answer for the problem is way to simple for someone like Joe. I think he should get a $200k salery, and take any extra cash and put it back into building up the buiness. If he can’t get by on $200k, then pay the extra so that the people making les can afford to pay him.

  2. Bah! If this guy was seriously going into business for himself, and the ~$900 difference he’d see in his annual taxes on $280K will make or break him, he’s SOOO not ready to “up-size”.
    However, it’s fair to say that although Joe turns out to not represent a living, breathing small business person, he does represent many people’s feelings about progressive taxation, generally. I’ve read a number of articles about him today, and in one of them he said that even though he’s actually part of the group that is targeted for the cuts, he doesn’t like it that it comes at somebody else’s expense.
    That is actually something I can relate to. His rather inflated view of himself at the moment? Not so much.

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